Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Brands that need more ♥ Introducing Te amo

Greetings xx These posts are about smaller brands that I like, particularly those that are usually sold by larger clothing brands.
One brand that I love it "Te Amo." Apart from that awful Rihanna song, Te Amo says that they are all about glitzy glamorous clothes, mainly known for their dresses, but many of their pieces are simplistic and affordable for a day out. The main stockists that  I could find online is Nelly.Com and New Look but like brands Yumi, you can find the odd peice here and there

Te Amo Red Heart Cut Out Skater Dress
New Look Sale

Lace Open Back Dress 
Item no.: 601181-0012
Colour: Beige
£9.95 75% off Normal price £39.95
Jewel Bustier Maxi Dress
Item no.: 601184-0122
Colour: Nude
£15.95 70% off Normal price £52.95

Big Bow Dress
Item no.: 602442-0077
Colour: Mint Green/Cream


My much ♥'d piece
My first peice of Te Amo clothing was my prom dress! You can buy it at like below but I found the gold colour at K&Co.

And here are some snaps of me wearing it at prom :)

Sorry, I haven't got a picture in my prom dress by myself x
 So I hope you've discovered a new brand and have found something you like x
Peace out (is that what the hip street kids say nowadays?)
Yours Truly
Boho Bun

Thursday, 21 November 2013

HOH - All power to women?

A certain influential British singer has recently released the controversial new music video to her new single. She recently featured in my last post singing in the John Lewis advert.
Lily Allen is seen being encouraged by her manager to "Twerk," getting liposuction and dancing seductively amidst half naked slo-mo dancers.
To be honest, It makes me "Smile"  to see a talented singer frankly taking the piss out of today's music industry. My favourite line from the single "Hard Out Here," is "Don't need to shake my ass for you 'cause I've got a brain" SLAM!
And I have to admit, the beat is quite catchy and empowering.
So do you support the video that claims to stand up for feminism, or is including twerking and nudity making her just as bad as the likes of Rihanna and Miley Cyrus?
 ooohh Boho Bun goes thought-provoking muhahaha

Yours Truly
Boho Bun


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

You're a present, you deserve to be wrapped

No I'm not thinking of wrapping you up in Tesco's finest roll wrap and packaging you all to my lovely grandma, although I'm sure you'd all make wonderful presents.
For me other than the wonderful celebration Christmas (I'm not sure if you've heard of it, it hasn't really taken off yet) winter reminds me of sore throats and being mind-numbingly freakin' cold. For all you thrill seekers, I'm sure you thrive in such conditions but I'm sure if Darwin's theory is correct, I would be cast aside and frowned if the process of natural selection occurred, 21st century style.
So if I may, here is some Scarf-spiration (took me all day to think of that!) to motivate you when wrapping yourselves up #the neck edition
So guys here we go!!

First we have the easy and simple wrap the scarf once around the neck and let the sides drape down by the shoulders. This is best achieved with a pashmina scarf. The style looks great if you want to accessorise a boring work outfit and keep your neck all warm and snug.

 Next we have the fold the scarf in two, drape around the neck, form a loop and pool the other end through the loop. I like to use a thin, light scarf with this way.


Here, to be frank, is the posh one which looks great with a blouse and skater skirt combo. Drape the scarf around your neck, pull one side through the other as if tying a knot. (it is easier that I have made it look!) You can also fan the scarf out from the top of the knot.

 The one we all do is wrap the scarf around our neck as many times as possible in the shortest space of time, without strangling ourselves! I love using a really chunky scarf for this. It is my favourite, especially if I'm in a hurry. Those made from polyester-wool are usually the warmest.

And below we have the snood which is equally comfortable. It does take a bit of time to get the hang of and I would suggest getting a chunky knit one, rather than one with holes in it like mine!

I hope you enjoyed this post and have seen something you like.
I will not be held responsible if you get stuck or tangled in your scarf, attempting to try one of the styles.
For basic versatile scarves, I would recommend H&M who have lovely burgundy, mustard yellow and forest green colours.
And if you're huffing and puffing with the long piece of material in your hands, think about how our friend's the giraffes feel

Yours Truly
Boho Bun

Sunday, 17 November 2013

It's started to get all christmassy

Hollaaaaaa (excuse me I haven't blogged for a while)
Greetings (much better)
Yes it's November. Yes I'm a bit concerned that we should apparently be doing our dare I say it, Christmas shopping! And yes I am feeling all Christmassy.
This has been helped a great deal by all those adverts on the TV and even though I don't really shop at John Lewis, a certain advert has injected me with some Christmas spirit.
I am quite pleased that a major brand has finally stripped back the "2 for 1, come and waste your money, it's Christmas," lectures and gone with a simplistic vibe (WORD)
Though I like the story, it is Britain's very own Lily Allen who sings in the background and makes the advert for me with her unique sound.
The song is called "Somewhere only we know," and it's a cover of  Keane's original

Which do you prefer?
What do you make of the Christmas adverts? Spirit maker's or spirit breaker's?
Yours Truly
Boho Bun

Monday, 11 November 2013

The "I think it's called a haul" Haul #1

Greetings I'd like to share with you some of my versatile and wearable winter buys xx
 I'm sure the now is coming (if you live in Hawaii I'm not so sure) so I had to invest in my WINTER WARRIOR BOOTS....grrrrrrrrr (too far I apologise.)

1. Crop top £4.50 Primark
2. Skirt £14.99 New Look
3. Boots £24.99 New Look
I love these boots because most lace-ups have really huge heels. Its nice to have some cosy durable footwear that I can wear with everything. They also have a supportive ankle strap so they are not tiring to stomp around in all day x
I also love the colour of the skirt. I hope you can see the pattern on the skirt. The material is also really warm and the skirt itself isn't too short x

I also brought this dress from South online in the sale. I like the glittery pattern. The material was quite rough to wear at first but I found a good softener in the washing machine made it cosy and quite hard for me to part with when I had to take it off (of course I did..eventually)
I hope you enjoyed this post. I'd love to hear any winter essentials you've brought to knitwear-up your wardrobe and what you think of my finds. xx
Yours Truly
Boho Bun


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Who says fireworks are only for the 5th of November?

Greetings! Yes I tricked you, this post has hardly anything to do with fireworks muhahaha.
I've had quite a busy week but I'll keep the good (ish) stuff coming. I've yet to do some hauls, winter knitwear, playlists and the usual fluff!
This week, I had a Boho bun life moment and wore a blue jumpsuit.
I broke into my Ted Baker Second Scent Mini from last Christmas... yes half the bottle is gone
I clicked and collected a snug aztecy woolly cardi from New Look which I love x
I wore lip gloss that one of my lovely friends bought me...what's wrong with me??
and I've been going to bed at 11pm for the past several nights but hey...i'm young-ish
So hopefully this will wet your appetites (it's only fair, I mean it is nearing dinner time)
Sorry if you can't read the writing on this, hopefully you'll enjoy the pretty pictures x
I wish you all had a lovely week and enjoyed the magical fireworks (seriously, they're magic).
And if you celebrated Diwali, I hope you had a lovely time, I know I did x
Yours Truly
Boho Bun